The latest news on our response and precautions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are pleased to update you that we have today reopened our clinics in Cuffley and Stevenage. In addition, we have also restarted our neurological domiciliary service. This is in response to the change in government guidance announced on the 10th May and an update from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) regarding working practices in private practice and primary care. We have taken the time since the changes in guidance to complete risk assessments of our clinics and consultations, and have now implemented new policies and working practices to enable us to conform with the current guidelines from our own professional body and Public Health England (PHE).

It is important to say that we are not returning to business as usual and will continue to operate a ‘virtual first’ approach. We will consider face to face sessions in the community or at a clinic only if it is not possible to deliver effective therapy remotely. The decision on whether to proceed with a face to face consultation will only be made after completing a further client specific risk assessment, ultimately to confirm that “the benefits of seeing the client face to face are demonstrably greater than the risks of infection transmission.” This will unfortunately inevitably result in a decision not to treat in some circumstances, but we hope will mean that we can take a more proactive role in making a decision to treat or not to treat, rather than allowing a prolonged period of passivity and resulting deterioration that many of our clients have reported.

This is a short summary of some of the measures that we have implemented and the processes that we will now be completing. We will keep all these measures under review and adapt them as required by professional regulation and in response to our own ongoing analysis:

Decision Making Regarding Physiotherapy Treatment:

  1. ‘Virtual First’ – ALL assessments will start from the position that a virtual session is preferable than face to face.
  2. Where Virtual Physio sessions are not possible due to the nature of the assessment or treatment required, or because the treatment is already underway but is demonstrably not providing the desired effect, we will complete a risk assessment for face to face treatment to include: 
    • Consideration of the benefits of the proposed treatment.
    • Identification of the risks of not providing face to face treatment.
    • Consideration of the potential risk of virus transmission (both therapist to client and client to therapist).
    • Identification of possible measures to mitigate the identified risks.
  3. Discussion with the client/family/care team/case manager/MDT regarding COVID-19 and the risk/benefit of treatment.

Simplified Protocol For Home Visits:


  1. We will complete a home symptom checklist, including temperature check prior to visiting.
  2. We will ask the client to complete a home symptom checklist for themselves, and anyone else within the household, prior to visiting.
  3. We will follow the guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from PHE and the CSP.
  4. It is anticipated that this will mean all our therapists will be wearing an apron, gloves and surgical mask as a minimum for all consultations.
  5. We will continue to follow hand hygiene protocols.
  6. On occasion it may be necessary for the client to also wear a surgical mask which we will provide if required.
  7. Where practical we will consider treatment outside to reduce the risk of transmission.
  8. We will maintain social distancing within the treatment session when possible.
  9. We will recommend minimising the number of people present for a consultation. If it is necessary to communicate with a care giver or family member as part of the session, we may suggest that this is done after the session by phone or virtually.

Simplified Protocol For Clinic Visits:

  1. We have completed a risk assessment of each of our clinic environments to identify the risks of virus transmission.
  2. We have adapted the physical environment to mitigate some of these risks, including removing equipment/furniture and purchasing new wipe clean covers for the treatment couches, pillows, and card machines.
  3. We have implemented a new cleaning protocol for each clinic with cleaning of high contact areas between each client (e.g. plinth, pillowcases, reception area, door handles and equipment).
  4. We have implemented new working practices which include only one clinician present on each clinic at any time, 15 minute cleaning breaks between clients, clinic access 5-minutes before the scheduled treatment time, closed our waiting areas and toilet facilities for client use.

We hope that this provides some indication of the measures that we have implemented, and the decision-making process related to future physiotherapy provision. The well-being of our clients is our overriding priority and we will always welcome constructive conversation to improve this where necessary. The measures are designed to minimise the risk of cross infection and will unfortunately likely result in some necessary delays to treatment. We feel that they are however proportionate at the current time and will enable us to restart our services to meet the rehabilitation need of existing and new clients.

If you were receiving or had commissioned treatment prior to the lockdown, your Physiotherapist will make contact directly to discuss the next steps. We also welcome new referrals which will be triaged in the same manner prior to acceptance.

Please do contact us to discuss any of the information above.


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We are thrilled to have now opened our clinics and resumed our home visit service. The safety of our team and clients remains of the utmost importance to us, so we have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the environment and our working practices are safe. 

We have implemented new policies for all treatment areas and although it’s not quite business as usual, you can expect the same expert service.

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