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Foot health problems can cause pain and discomfort. A Foot Health Practitioner can treat a variety of foot conditions and ensure that your feet are comfortable, healthy and happy. Our Foot Health Practitioner in Cuffley can treat most common conditions that affect the feet. Treatmetns include the routine care of nails, the treatment of verrucas and corns, as well as hard skin and callus. Foot conditions are assessed and treated at The Cuffley Clinic or referred elsewhere when necessary.

Some of the conditions treated by our Foot Health Practitioner

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that is usually seen between the toes. You will likely see a red rash which can be very itchy, especially after taking off your shoes.

Athlete’s foot is usually seen in people whose feet have become very hot and sweaty, particularly in tight fitting shoes.

You may not need to see our Foot Health Practitioner for Athlete’s foot as it responds well to over the counter antifungal products and careful foot hygiene to keep your feet cool and dry

A callus is a large patch of rough, thickened skin. Often these present no problem, but sometimes they can become tender or painful and require treatment by a foot health practitioner.

You can get treatment for a problematic callus by our foot health practitioner in Cuffley.

Corns are similar to callus, but are smaller areas of hard skin, often caused by poorly fitting footwear.

A foot health practitioner will help to reduce the amount of dead skin, provide foot wear advice and suggest options to reduce the friction on the skin.

Verrucas look like small circles of hard skin, with tiny black dots under the skin. They can be treated with over the counter treatments but occasionally require further treatment.

Cracked heels are a common problem and can cause pain and discomfort.People with underlying health conditions such as diabetes can be at higher risk of cracked heels. Cracked heels may require treatment to help them resolve and to prevent the fissures from becoming deeper and more painful.

An ingrowing toenail is when the nail grows into the skin around the toe, piercing it and causing it to become inflamed and sometimes infected. They can be very painful and most often affect the big toe, though all toes can be affected.

There can be a variety of causes of ingrowing toenails, but the most common are tightly fitting footwear or not cutting your nails properly. A foot health practitioner can assess and treat an ingrowing toenail.

If you’re looking for toenail cutting in Cuffley, our foot health practitioner can help. Toenails grow at a rapid rate and it’s important not to allow them to become sharp or problematic. You can have your toenails cut at the Cuffley Clinic by arranging an appointment online, or giving us a call.


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