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Family-Friendly Physiotherapy for Kids

Our expert Paediatric Physiotherapists have a passion for assisting children to fulfil their full physical and functional potential, despite any disability or impairment which may be causing them difficulties. We offer treatment for children suffering with developmental, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. Children require a different approach to adults and our sessions are fun and rewarding.

We help babies, children and young people with the following conditions:

Cerebral Palsy is caused by a problem with the brain that occurs before, during or soon following birth. It is the most common disability affecting movement in childhood, and can result in a range of difficulties for the person including:

  • Muscle tightness.
  • Changes in muscle tone, either being too floppy or too tight.
  • Reduced coordination of movement.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • A change in walking pattern such as crossing the legs whilst walking or walking on the toes.
  • Uncontrolled involuntary movements.
  • Delays in reaching developmental landmarks.

The severity of and range of symptoms can vary enormously and a paediatric physio will discuss with you and your child what is particularly difficult and create a fun, effective rehabilitation programme. 

Our neurological physiotherapists also help adults with Cerebral Palsy.

Muscular Dystrophy describes a group of conditions that results in a gradual weakening of the muscles. There are many muscle wasting conditions which can affect people in different ways.

A Paediatric Physiotherapist is experienced in assessing and providing treatment for people suffering with Muscular Dystrophy which may include advice, assistance to manage loss of muscle length and joint range, exercises to compensate for a loss of strength and assistance to maximise daily functioning. 

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Our Paediatric Physio team have experience in helping children with their recovery from a variety of orthopaedic conditions including following:

  • Tendon lengthening.
  • Spinal surgery.
  • Fractures.
  • Sports Injuries.
  • Surgery for shoulder instability.
  • Foot deformity correction.
  • Surgery to correct a leg length discrepancy.
  • Developmental dysplasia.

A comprehensive, fun and effective physio programme is developed following a thorough assessment.

At Physio4You our physiotherapists provide expert treatment of a variety of common musculoskeletal conditions such as after sports injuries, sprains, strains, knee pain and after fractures. 

Dyspraxia describes difficulty with coordinating movements which can result in apparent clumsiness or awkwardness when moving. Physical activity such as walking, hopping or jumping can sometimes be a problem, or more precise movements including getting dressed, writing, drawing or using a knife and fork can also be affected.

Paediatric physiotherapy helps the child to improve the development of balance and coordination to assist in completing daily tasks. Rehabilitation exercises are prescribed based on the individual child’s circumstances and are often task-oriented.

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Our amazing Paediatric Physios don’t only help children with the conditions mentioned above. If your child is struggling with any difficulty with movement, pain or daily activity please do get in touch to see if we can help. 

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