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At the Cuffley Clinic you are guaranteed to see a physio passionate about helping you recover from your problem. Together, we will get your pain under control, understand what is going on, and get you back to doing what you love most. With 19 years of physiotherapy experience, we can diagnose your joint, tendon, muscular or nerve problem stopping that dull, throbbing achey or shooting pain interfering with your sleep, walking or running! Why not book an appointment today to start your recovery?

Conditions Treated

Achilles heel pain and plantar fasciitis often get confused but are quite different conditions requiring different physiotherapy approaches! Typically Achilles tendon problems are dull and throbbing, usually worse after walking or running and the pain is over the tendon on the back of your leg, just above your heel. Sometimes the area is hot and swollen which are signs of inflammation.

Plantar fasciitis is often described as a burning sensation intense pain on the sole of the foot, especially worse first thing in the morning, or after walking or running. After listening to your explanation about the problem, and then careful examination, your physio will discuss the different therapy options depending on the diagnosis. There will always be a full explanation of what is going on, and what you can do to recover quickly, including what to avoid, what exercises will speed up your rehabilitation, and when you can get back to walking, running or any other sport or activity. In addition to this, other physiotherapy techniques, such as hands-on joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage or acupuncture will be discussed with you and the best course of treatment will be decided upon. Book an appointment online to start your recovery today!

New or old, back pain can be very worrying.  Whether you feel like you are getting stuck, and your back is locking, or that it is a nerve pain shooting down your leg pain like sciatica, understanding what is going on in your back, helps you understand how to control the pain, and get back to normal.  One of the common concerns for people is whether the ‘discs are out’, the nerves are being squashed or the spine is out of alignment.  By discussing your symptoms and pain with your physiotherapist we will be able to answer all your questions plan your treatment and explain timeframes for your recovery.  Ruling out any thing scary and getting you back to normal as quickly as possible.

The shoulder is a complex region and people often get confused around what is causing their pain.  Physio can help diagnose what the problem is be it a frozen shoulder, impingment, rotator cuff problem, a tendon problem, or a joint problem.  It can be very painful including at nighttime and the pain can interfere with all sorts simple things-putting your seatbelt on, lifting the kettle, getting dressed, the list is endless! By getting a diagnosis, we can quickly work out what the best physio treatment would be, how to stop it getting worse, and get your pain under control and back to doing what you enjoy as quickly as possible.  Rehabilitation will be focused on what is most important to you and will fit around your schedule.

Clicking? Stabbing? Giving way? Shooting? Crunching? Locking? Aching? Swollen? Hot? Unstable? These are all common ways clients describe their knee pain and the cause can be joint, tendon, muscle, ligament or cartilage.  Physio can help ease your pain, giving you practical tips on how to keep moving whilst recovering and get you back to your normal levels of activity.

Pain in your hip or groin area can be debilitating stop you being able to walk, climb stairs, roll over in bed or get in and out of the car.  Some describe a catching, stabbing or locking pain, others a sharp or dull pain.  The physios at the Cuffley Clinic will discuss your symptoms and problems with you, and then together with you decide on the best treatment option ensuring you feel informed and in control every step of the way. 

Having surgery can be scary and leave you feeling unsure of your progress and how best to recovery quickly.  Our physios will carefully guide you through your rehabilitation taking your concerns, pain levels and worries into account and move you through the rehabilitation steps to get you back up fitness, safely and quickly.  Our physiotherapists are perfectly placed to push your rehab, or encourage you to slow down depending on what your specific needs are!

There are lots of different types of arthritis and physio help you with the pain you get.  The 2 most common types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.

Osteoarthritis affects mainly weight bearing joints and can result in pain, swelling, loss of movement and strength making day to day living difficult.  Physiotherapy can help control the pain, improve your movement and regain your strength.

Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation in joints throughout the body which can make it very painful and difficult to manage normal daily activities like holding a coffee cup to climbing the stairs.  Physio concentrates on helping the pain and helping the muscles to be as strong as possible to support the joints.

Elbow pain is common complaint people seek physio for.  At your appointment, your physiotherapist through discussion with you, will diagnose the cause of the problem, considering tennis elbow, golfers elbow, pain referred from the neck, shoulder and wrist amongst others.  Together, you will then determine the best course of treatment, answer any questions you have and get your symptoms under control on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Sprains and strains typically involve a joint or muscle being over stretched usually due to a twist, fall or jolt.  Whilst the body repairs itself with the inflammatory process, you can experience pain, swelling, bruising, loss of strength, loss of balance and a feeling of instability.  The physiotherapists at The Cuffley Clinic will listen to what happened, assess the area for severity and recommend the best course of treatment.  This will include helping with pain, addressing any concerns you have about how much you should be protecting or working the area, and how to get as strong as possible to prevent any re-occurrence or longer term weakness.  

Neck pain and headaches, whether occurring together or separately can be exhausting.  It can feel like your head is too heavy for your neck or that you can never get away from it.  And as we spend more and more time sitting at computers, it is becoming a more and more common complaint.  Physiotherapy can help alleviate your symptoms, and help control your pain so you are able do all the things you love best. 

Physiotherapy can help headaches that are caused by problems with the muscles or joints in the neck with joint mobilisations, massage, acupuncture to name a few.  We will always discuss the treatment options with you and then decide together what the best physio option is for you.

The conditions detailed above gives some indication of the common problems people have but is in no way exhaustive!  Our physios also assess and treat pregnancy related problems, persistent pain problems, and many many more.  If you have any questions or are wondering if we would be able to help you contact us today! 

"I was very very impressed. Personable, knowledgeable, supportive, she got my Mum fully mobilised and back playing bowls."

Why Choose Us For Physio In Cuffley?

Physiotherapy at The Cuffley Clinic is provided by highly skilled Physiotherapists. We have extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of conditions. This includes pain and movement difficulties following injury (including sports), after surgery and from day to day life.

During your Physiotherapy session your expert physio will work with you to understand your current capacity, lifestyle and hoe you want to live your life so that we can determine the cause of your problem and formulate a highly effective treatment plan that is specific to you.

Physiotherapy treatment programmes at The Cuffley Clinic may include hands on techniques, exercise prescription, pain management, acupuncture and advice.

It's Your Assessment
You Physio will discuss the history of your problem to gain a full understanding of what you are suffering with and how it is affecting YOU.
Accurate Diagnosis
Your Physio will discuss the nature of your problem and empower you with the information to progress. Physiotherapy treatment is agreed and starts within the 1st session.
Fast, Effective Treatment
Your Physio treatment will be specific to you, not just your condition. Our approach to Physiotherapy is holistic and this brings results.

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We only provide the best, evidence-based physiotherapy for your problem. You wont spend time on outdated machinery, hot-packs and a treatment plan designed to create dependency. Your physiotherapy will be transparent, effective and centred around you.

No-Nonsense Physiotherapy

You wont be sold into a 12-session treatment plan and you wont be upsold on further treatment and equipment. If we know that a particular treatment or item of equipment will help, we’ll tell you. If we know that it won’t, we’ll discuss the reasons why and explain the best approach without jargon. ​

Empowering Physiotherapy

The best outcomes in physiotherapy are only achieved with your full engagement, understanding and agreement with the rehabilitation that you receive. The best physiotherapy involves education and proactive treatment. Our physiotherapy programmes are for you, not just your condition.​

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